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Lisa Naples

Lisa Naples Ceramics
Doylestown, PA       215-340-0965       Website       Email

Working in clay has been a daily practice of mine for 30 years.

The last 20 of those years, red earthenware has been my clay of choice because of its forgiving nature and rich, earthly beauty.

What I’ve made has largely been functional pottery, however recently I’ve been drawn to telling stories that pots can't tell.

So I'm adding figurative sculpture to my practice with a kindred clay from the mountains of North Carolina and finding it quite engaging and satisfying to work with as well.

Now, at any given time in my (Bucks County, PA) studio, you will find pottery and narrative, figurative sculpture involving human, animal, tree, egg, (etc.) forms.

Making art is a freeing and a letting go. In the process I encounter fear after fear and each time, in order to progress I must deal with the fear and step beyond it much like Mother Goose's cow jumping over the moon.

Lisa Naples

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