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Ron Brown

Upper Black Eddy, PA       610 847-2359       Website       Email

I am fascinated by the complexities of structure that can arise from simple rules and the apparent chaos that exists within those structures. In addition, I am extremely interested in the interdisciplinary approach to learning through art, math, science and technology.

Just as a composer uses 12 notes arranged on a set of parallel lines to create a ballad or orchestration, or a chemist uses the 92 natural occurring elements to form a new compound, I utilize 'notes' arranged in a grid pattern as my 'treble clef'. These 'notes' are simply numbers arranged in an orderly manner within the grid system I have chosen.

In my explorations – for that is what they are - you will observe my 'numerical conversions’ where numbers have taken form and substance. These conversions can also take the form of musical compositions and weaving patterns. Until recently, all of my explorations involved the way a knight moves on a chessboard. Quite recently, I have also begun to explore the possibilities that the logic puzzle, Sudoku, has to offer as well as bingo and scanned bar codes.

As time permits, I hope to extend my explorations.

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