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Bob Richey

Bob Richey Fine Art
Bucks County, PA       215-322-4930       Website       Email

Bob Richey graduated from Penn State University in 1971, earning a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering. During a 25 year engineering career designing and analyzing aircraft structures with the United States Navy, Bob always maintained his childhood passion for creating works of art. Bob is mainly self taught although he did study with several local professional artists during his early period with the goal of perfecting his own artwork to a professional level. His dream of someday becoming a full time professional artist came true in 1996, when he was able to take advantage of an early retirement offer from his engineering position.

Bob's passion for creating art led him first to watercolor before he finally settled on soft pastels as his primary medium. Bob truly enjoys drawing and painting with soft pastels. He usually concentrates on relatively small format landscapes, completed in a single sitting. Bob likes to compare his drawings to a short story, communicating a simple theme, a subtle mood. Working in a modest scale allows him to explore many compositions and capture the essence of the moment on paper. More recently Bob has explored somewhat larger scale compositions. Bob's works put a strong emphasis on both composition and color.

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