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Jill & Dan Burstein

New Hope Stained Glass
New Hope, PA       215-297-8498       Website       Email

New Hope Stained Glass is the work of Jill & Dan Burstein, who live and work in Bucks County, just outside of New Hope, PA. They are members of the PA Guild of Craftsmen.

Jill, who designs all of the stained glass artwork, holds a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Arts. Dan meticulously transforms Jill's designs into superior quality Tiffany Style* stained glass artistry. Dan also works in the Leaded Cane style of stained glass design.

The couple's love of the medium - its variety in texture, light, and color - and the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and his light screens, have resulted in a unique and diverse body of work.

Jill & Dan use colored transparent glass and seeded clear glass together to create pieces that help to bring the outside in, while maintaining the design and integrity of the architecture/work that surrounds the artwork. For example, one of their techniques is to incorporate a window mullion-like design into a work that will be hanging in a mullioned window. This gives the illusion that the stained glass is actually part of the window. Some people do not realize that most of today's stained glass panels are installed in conjunction with the customers existing windows

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